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This adoption form will help us to determine which puppy is best suited to your family situation and lifestyle.

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  8. Why do you want an Australian Labradoodle?

  9. Does anyone in your family have allergies?

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  11. If you do have children, how many do you have of each gender, and what are their ages?

  12. Do you have any other pets?

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  13. If you do have other pets, what kind(s) do you have?.

  14. Have you ever owned a dog before?

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  16. Do you live in an urban or a rural setting?:


  17. Do you have a fenced yard, a run or an enclosure?

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  18. Will you ensure your puppy gets adequate food, water and shelter?

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  19. Will you ensure that your puppy gets proper veterinary/health care?

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  20. Will you ensure that your puppy gets proper obedience training?

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  21. What are your plans for your puppy's care? Select all that apply:

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    someone is at home in the evening
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    dog will stay at home alone at night
    dog will attend doggy day-care

  22. Will you be able to pick up your puppy?:

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    No, I will need you to ship the puppy.

  23. If shipping is required, please specify the city, state/province, country.

  24. If the puppy is to be shipped to an airport, provide the airport name here:

  25. Please provide any other information (especially alternate shipping information) we would need to get your puppy quickly and safely to you.

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